Health and Welfare ...


Elderly cats and those with non-infectious medical conditions are welcome.

Any special care or administration of medications will be carried out efficiently.

We also accept diabetic cats who need daily insulin injections and special feeding


Should your cat require veterinary treatment during their stay, we will not hesitate

to have them treated .

Where possible we will use your usual vet and any fees incurred will be charged

to the owner upon their return.


All cats MUST be vaccinated against Feline Infectious Enteritis and Cat Flu, and must have up to date annual boosters.

A CURRENT certificate must be produced upon the cats arrival.


We feed adult cats twice daily, elderly cats and kittens according to their needs. !

I like to feed all cats on their normal diet , so they do not have any stomach upsets due to change of food.

We can provide a wide range of foods: Tinned, sachets, complete dry foods, fresh chicken and fish.

Please tell us on your booking form what your cat requires.

We can cater for any special dietary needs, however, any veterinary prescription diets will need to be provided by the owners.

We only use stainless steel feeding bowls ,so they can be easily cleansed.


We are happy to groom your cat during their stay , please bring your grooming kit with you.!


We are happy for you to view the cattery, please ring for an appointment.



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